Stagnating supply lines from the Far East after the Chinese New Year. Followed by Europe a few weeks later. Emergency closures and other measures to combat the pandemic. This is what characterised this spring and the summer of 2020. An interdisciplinary team of buyers, logistics and warehouse specialists worked 24/7 to maintain the reliability of our deliveries. New forecasts and delivery dates for orders, adjustments to models and schedules and, of course, unburdening our customers.

Informing to anticipate

From 6 February to 20 May, we informed clients on a weekly basis about the latest state of affairs, from general news to the status of specific orders. In total, we sent some 20,000 emails. We received a lot of positive feedback about this communication: the information allowed our partners to anticipate the changes caused by COVID-19 as well as they could.

Communication: the holy grail

Good contact and open consultation made it possible to respond to changes in orders and deliveries. We can honestly say that communication is our holy grail in the control of our supply chain. Certainly in unfamiliar and uncertain situations such as this. We are therefore proud of the fact that we kept our percentage of OTIF deliveries to customers high.

The usefulness of forecasts and planning during periods of uncertainty

Forecasts and planning benefit from predictability. Now that the coronavirus uncertainty continues, that calls for expertise. After all, although we are seeing a nice recovery of the market in the regions where consumers are investing in their interiors, the question remains as to how the coronavirus will develop further. Tourism generated several new hotbeds during the summer and, economically speaking, it is still far from clear how great the impact will be. Our professionals are therefore constantly on the ball and made the necessary preparations; even now, you can rely on our supply chain!

No success without preparation

Are you planning special promotions or are you considering additional placements? Let us know in time so that we can anticipate for this in our stock. Moreover, you will immediately hear whether and how your desired items and metres are available at the time you need them.

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