product range

• Basics
• Evergreens
• For all styles

• High quality fabrics
• Partially made from natural fibers.
• Luxurious softness

• On trend
• Colorful
• Goes along perfect with unicolor fabrics

• Smart additions such as Easy Clean and Fire Retardancy
• High durability
• Suitable for projects

• Soft and relaxed
• Lounge
• Elegant

• Looks and feels like leather
• Natural and refined texture
• Soft and full grip

“The absolute finest looking products. Best sampling facilities. Most continuity in collections”

Independent research by professional magazine Meubelplus

Unique built to order concepts

Our in-house sample creation department will help you to create your own, unique fabric concept. With the professional advice of our sales manager, you can create your personal sample book.

Book an appointment with one of our specialists and get tailored advice and inspiration.


We update our product range regularly. That is why we are continuously working on methods and tools to help our relations gain more and better insight into it.

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For all the latest about our fabrics, tips and tricks and service information.