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Our Supply Chain is very well organized and highly reliable. At any given time, we know what we have in stock and when we will get it to you. With the help of AI and our automated warehouse we can help you store and deliver fabrics year-round. We ship from our storage facility in logistical hotspot Tilburg. Our extensive network of transporters guarantees timely delivery. We help you save time and storage, so you can focus on your core business.

“Highest delivery-reliability and speed”

Independent research by professional magazine Meubelplus


When there’s a chance to make our products and services more sustainable, we’ll act on it. We strive to relieve the burden on our environment and to be fair to the people working for us, directly and indirectly. We invest in innovations to reduce our footprint and to save on natural resources. We try to create as little waste as possible and to perfect our logistical systems to make them as ergonomically as possible for our people.

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La Défense 11
5026 SC Tilburg
the Netherlands
Tel: +31-(0)13 534 59 34

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Textaafoam will remain open during the holiday period. You can send your orders as usual to sales@textaafoam.nl.

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