Family friendly

by Textaafoam

Introducing the Family Friendly Collection

The Textaafoam Family Friendly Collection is a nice product-range of several upholstery textiles which are suitable for all types of upholstery and easy in usage and maintenance. These fabrics are easy to clean and extremely durable, lasting through years of intensive use. 

This collection gives untroubled living. 

Thanks to its easy clean properties, soils and stains can be easily removed with a damp cloth. For a thorough periodical cleaning, these fabrics can be safely machine-washed at 30 degrees Celsius. The protection is safe and frequent cleaning will not damage the fabric.

When you come home from working, travelling or just a busy day, these articles have been developed for people who enjoy their homes and want them to be comfortable and easy.

The result of combining high-tech yarns and professional craftsmanship skills is an upholstery fabric that sets standards and inspires customers.

It has properties such as good resistant towards the following tests:

-Abrasion Resistance – yarn breakage: DIN EN ISO 12947-1:2007-04 (>60.000)

-Pilling: DIN EN ISO 12945-2:2000-11 2000 cycles (>4 )

-Colour fastness to rubbing dry & wet: 4 & 3-4

– Simply clean with water/ damp cloth

-Machine washable 30 degrees


-Golden M

Super soft

You will be amazed by its soft touch.

This pleasant feel is achieved by a unique combination of fine but very strong filaments in the composition of the yarn.

A combination of using the right yarns, production, and finish in a such a way that it creates a long-lasting pleasant softness.


Our furniture and upholstery materials have been awarded with the RAL quality mark Golden M and comply with Oeko-tex 100 standard.

We have our fabrics carefully tested at certified laboratories.

Fabrics in the Family Friendly Collection











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