Chinese New Year

Celebration of the Chinese New Year started on 25 January and lasts for two weeks. During that time, production in China comes to a standstill. Towards the end of last year, we may have suggested that you plan ahead by a couple of months. We do this for a reason: to relieve you from stress. Because if we have an idea of what you think you’ll need in the early part of the year, we can purchase it in advance. You can then carry on as normal while China celebrates.

Most of our customers will notice little or nothing about it. We do our best to supply you with your favourite fabrics quickly and reliably on those days too.

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Workshops in the Experience Centre

By now, the first companies have organised their workshops and meetings in our Experience Centre. In this exceptional space, you will find the unique combination of knowledge and experience. If your employees can see and feel the fabrics for themselves, they can talk about them more knowledgeably on the shop floor and offer a better service.

Build your own knowledge bank

We are working on an extensive reference tool with comprehensive information on fabrics: the Textaafoam Fabric Guide. You can download and save parts of this in your own system. In this way, our knowledge becomes your knowledge. The January download is about pilling; the build-up of loose fibres on the fabric. It is completely harmless, but it can be annoying. You can read more about it here:

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