New samples and packaging


As of January, our sample presentations will be made up of samples in A5. These have a foldable hook, so they can be kept lying or hanging, whichever you prefer. By saving space, we pack less air and emit less CO2. The covers have been replaced by the sustainable greencast and are also recyclable. 

Do you use our sample presentations in your showroom? Then please note that new requests will be supplied in the new size as of January. As you are aware, Textaafoam offers the option to have these sample presentations in a black, unbranded model. This option will remain available. Your account manager will contact you shortly to discuss how we can shape this transition for you.

Product information with the samples:

  • You receive a handy product passport with every offer so that you have a quick and complete overview of all the product specifications. You will receive this on paper and digitally.
  • We use sustainable 100% post-consumer recycled paper for all our prints.


Transporting air is the most expensive thing there is. That is why we have opted for made-to-measure box sizes. That way the box fits exactly around the sample presentations and we not only package less air; we also save on padding material in the box. There is now the possibility of returning the samples of outdated collections to us. Avoid waste and contribute to a responsible processing of these fabrics. We ensure that these samples are recycled or reused, for instance as material for practical lessons at schools

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