Meet Ribcord

 This soft corduroy is available in a wide, modern and trendy colour line. Suitable for all types of upholstery and in our Comfort Collection. Why? Because of its softness, volume and elegance. Ribcord is produced in a very cool way, initially it is woven as a flatweave, formed by warp and weft yarns which are crossing at right angles to each other. Loops are woven in this textile and in the production process these loops are actually cut open and shaved to obtain an equal height. Corduroys can be produced in different widths, ours is rather wide and is piece dyed. 

Ribcord naturals

The colour group ecru’s/whites can be seen as the colour of pureness and enlightenment. It’s like a breath of fresh air in dark times. We have chosen not only for whites, but a full range of natural colours, with an addition of toned down soft colours , such as champagne, beige and naturel. 







Other fabrics


Comfort collection

Alpine is nice and authentic bouclé woven quality. Softness, volume and elegance are characteristic of this collection. It will fit every style and nice to combine with
our velvets Royal, Juke, Seven and Adore. 


Comfort collection

 This super soft quality is a proud member of our Comfort collection. A collection that consists only of soft, voluminous and elegant upholstery fabrics. The colours are as soft as the touch of the fabric itself.  



This sustainable fabric is made from RPET bottles. It is a real eye-catcher with a soft hand feel and a lot of volume. The fabric exudes luxury and cosiness. Cloud has a trending colour palette. 

All colour updates

For most of our top-selling articles we expand our colour range. We complement our natural colours with toned down soft colours such as champagne and beige. For the latest fashion of pale soft colours we will add the new shades brass, frost, sage and herb. Below you will find the colours we will add this spring. Expected availability: April 2023.


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