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We are a family business dedicated to making creative choices as easy as possible while always delivering the market’s best buy.

Creativity flourishes with liberty of choice. That’s why we offer an extremely large range of fabrics.
Inspiration fuels new ideas. To help you get creative, we invite you to visit our Experience Center, where you can look at, feel and experience our fabrics yourself.

We help you with the product range, information and support that make your job easier. So, you can focus on building a collection balanced in price, quality, colors and textures.

We offer you the best buy in terms of pricing and quality. Along with the comforting guarantee that whatever you buy from us, will always live op to all legal and market standards.

We’re located in Tilburg, the Brabant city with a rich history and a promising future in the fabrics industry. A breeding ground for new developments in textile and a logistic hotspot for the whole of Europe.

Visiting address

La Défense 11
5026 SC Tilburg
the Netherlands
Tel: +31-(0)13 534 59 34
Fax: +31-(0)13 534 75 86
[email protected]

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From 08.15 to 17.00 hrs.

From 08.15 to 14.30 hrs.

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