Magnum is a magnificent addition to our skins collection. The Textaafoam Skins Collection includes the best leather alternatives.

Tough and soft, with a matte and vivid natural look. Those are a few key words describing this upholstery
fabric Magnum. We are proud to present this commercially strong and promising new item, based on the
latest interior fashion trends and years of experience.

Magnum is constructed from 100% virgin polyester woven suede, laminated with a heavy grade fleece
backing. Finished and printed in such a way that the look and feel is just like real leather.
We have achieved a solid appearance, also by selecting mainly true to nature colours. Easy to clean and
maintain, due to its dirt- and damp prevented treatment so when a stain appears, simply rub gently with a
damp cloth.

Kindly note that during daily use, a slightly dull or used aspect will become visible, this has no further
influence on the durability of this fabric. Magnum is also machine-washable at 30 degrees Celsius*.


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