Looking back and ahead

This year we presented a broad selection of styles and colors. No less than 18 new items found their way into our collection. We moved in the summer and at this very moment we are making preparations for our 50th anniversary in 2020.  And we’re not done yet. Turning 50, we’re absolute not ready to slow down. We will be refreshing our corporate identity and you will be seeing more newsletters like these. And there’s even more to come!

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This newsletter is one of the ways in which we will be informing you about our services and activities. You will be reading a lot more about our collection and updates to our collection. We will be showing you the latest trends, so you will always have all the information to find to find the fabrics suited for you. And to let us help you find what you want in our enormous collection of quality fabrics. Are there subjects you would like to hear more about? Please make your suggestions here:

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Experience our fabrics

In our new building you will find a beautiful space filled with all the fabrics we can offer you. Bring your team, your customers or your influencers and get inspired. You will leave us with all the knowledge you will ever need to make an informed decision about the best fabrics for your needs. To schedule a visit to the Experience Center, please contact your accountmanager.

Better overview. More insight.

Behind the scenes of textaafoam.eu, we are working on ways to help you navigate our massive assortment. We will provide you with tools to select the fabrics that fit your customers’ profiles and demands. We will tell you more about it in a future edition of our newsletter.

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